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What We Do

At Empowering Her, we want to help women become the best version of themselves amid life’s hurdles. We donate  Empowerment Backpacks filled with health & beauty products that are essential to women’s day-to-day living in homeless/domestic violence shelters. These items are necessary to promote good physical & emotional health, interpersonal relationships, social interactions, better job performance, and self-confidence. We also provide Chemo Bags, with empowering graphics, to women that are receiving chemotherapy treatments. The women can quickly throw books, snacks, and other essentials in their backpacks to take to their treatments. We also host Creative Wellness Classes at some of our shelters.  In these classes, women will engage in various art forms.  These classes give them an opportunity to de-stress as they add to their emotional well-being.

Support Our Cause

Imagine escaping a violent spouse. The most important thing is for you, and  children to get OUT safe. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash etc. would be far from your mind.  That's where we step in.  We believe that every woman deserves a clean body.  We believe that every woman should be supported when their body is being invaded by cancer, and other diseases. We believe that every woman needs time to escape life's hardships, and that creating art helps one's emotional well-being.  Please help us provide these essential items. We gladly welcome monetary donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches, or visit our "Empowerment Boutique" to select a backpack that will be donated to one of our women.   For your convenience, we accept payments via PayPal,  CashApp, or by mailing a check to the address below.

Donate Now

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Send In-Kind Donations To:

Empowering Her

c/o Dawn Moore

3626 Lakeshore Drive, Suite K6

St. Joseph, Michigan 49085

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